This manufacturer is superior in producing sweet biscuits. Billions of biscuits are produced In this factory every year, which are eaten all over the world.

Guarantee on quality

In this factory, people work daily on the science of making perfect biscuits. To guarantee the quality of this, it is important that the recipes are precise, that the right ingredients are used and that machines are properly adjusted.

In addition, Pally Biscuits must comply with a number of certifications, such as a BRC Certificate, IFS Certificate, RSPO Certificate, Food Safety Code of Conduct and an ETI Base Code.

That is why audits and inspections are carried out at the Pally Biscuits factory. The wrong setting of a machine can result in a loss of quality of the biscuits.

From digital to assignment

De inspectierondes en audits zijn in de fabriek van gedigitaliseerd met Incontrol. Via de formulierenbouwer hebben zij een digitale versie van de inspectieronde gemaakt.

These are now carried out at regular intervals with a tablet. The information from these audits is sent to the manager in real time. All bottlenecks are collected in an overview.

Follow-up from inspection

The administrator can assign the bottlenecks to colleagues via Incontrol. This way, they can quickly get started to solve them, so that the processes in the biscuit factory continue to run smoothly.

Administrator and colleagues work together through Incontrol by communicating about these processes. This prevents people from tackling duplicate work, or preventing tasks from being left behind. Thanks to Incontrol, Pally Biscuits can guarantee the quality of the biscuits.

Efficient, simple and fast

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