Colliers International is one of the largest real estate agents in the world. The company has 500 offices worldwide in 69 countries with 12,000 employees.

Faster real estate processes

As a real estate organization, Colliers International provides services to users, owners, investors and developers of commercial real estate. Their range of duties includes advising tenants and landlords, project management and property management.

Real estate management involves a lot of administrative work. That is why the Dutch department of Colliers International was looking for a solution to reduce these administrative burdens, so that they can run more simply and efficiently. They ended up with Incontrol.

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Digital forms, digital reports

Colliers International has digitized all these real estate processes and forms with Incontrol. For example, a Process Report of Delivery, a Key Agreement and the Recording of the Meter Readings are processed with the Incontrol app. In addition, maintenance projects and work orders for engineers have been digitized.

The inspections that are completed on site are immediately signed with a digital signature. All the provided information will be processed in a digital report and sent directly to the responsible person. Because of Incontrol Colliers International saves time and a lot of paper.

Efficient, simple and fast

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