Features of Incontrol

Create digital forms, fill them in using the app and improve work processes.

Get the most out of your forms

Create digital forms with the easy-to-use Form Builder. There are over 40 elements to make your own forms.

Digital signature

Sign your forms with a valid digital signature.

Use images

Take photos and edit images with your device and add them to your documents.

Work offline

With the offline mode, you can fill in forms on location without an internet connection.

Add locations

You can load an exact location into your report using the GPS in your device.

Import known data

Make use of already known data by importing it via Excel.

Work together

Automatically send a completed report to colleagues, customers or third parties.

Build smart forms

Make your forms dynamic. Ask a follow-up question based on an answer and get in-depth insights into the processes of your organization.

Make a quick start with a form from the Template Store

In the Template Store you can find free-to-use standard forms from every sector. That way you can get started immediately with Incontrol.

1. Choose the category that suits you

The templates in the Template Store are divided into categories and sectors. Find the category that suits you best.

2. Select one of the templates

Choose a template and add them to your environment. It is possible to adjust the templates to your own liking.

3. Start working

Now your form is ready, you can fill it in with your smartphone or tablet.

All your collected data is stored securely

  • Developed according to the standards of the Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection
  • Server is located in a ISO 27001/2 certified data center
  • Fully GDPR-proof
  • Passed several penetration tests of large international companies

Security is our core competence.

Set tasks for employees

Link forms as a task to employees or an entire organization. Those involved with the process know exactly where and when they need to collect data.

1. Set tasks

Open the form you want to link as a taks to an employee.

2. Link forms

Link the form as a task to the right employees.

3. Deadlines

Set deadlines for tasks. This way you ensure that forms are completed on time.

Get things done with Cases

Collect points of interest which occur during an audit or inspection in a case. Inform the involved. The collected data from the form will be automatically processed in a case. Prioritize cases and complete them with a deadline.

  • All cases in one place
  • The involved that has to resolve the case receives a notification on its device,
  • Thanks to the chat environment, real-time collaboration is possible to resolve a case.

Receive notifications of deviations

Responsible parties immediately receive a notification on their smartphone or tablet when an audit or inspection shows that there are deviating values. This makes sure you can act immediately in the event of deviations within your processes.

1. Deviating values

Deviating values are recorded during an audit or inspection.

2. Process deviating values

Give the deviation a priority and link it to the responsible person.

3. Send notifications

The responsible person receives a notification on his smartphone or tablet.

Integrate Incontrol with other systems

Transfer data from Incontrol to other tools using RPA, Custom Webhooks or a Public API. Easy connect your data with al platforms you work with.

Your Incontrol, your branding

It is possible to get a personal version of Incontrol that fully fits the style of your organization.

1. Branded app

Your app is provided with a recognizable app logo in your style.

2. Application in your style

Download your personal app on the App Store or Play Store.

3. Web portal

The web portal also gets a personal look and feel that fits your organization.

Manage your Incontrol

Be Incontrol of your team. Manage groups, users, cases, tasks, and notifications.

  • Manage the user rights
  • Match people to the correct forms
  • Clear overview of tasks, notifications, and cases.

Efficient, simple and fast

Get started for free. Try-out Incontrol for 30 days.