Real estate

Digitize forms with Incontrol and receive complete reports. Ideal for real estate organizations and real estate agents.


Digitize real estate forms, so processes as building management, technical inspections and home deliveries are processed faster.


Brokers can turn Incontrol into a delivery app. Enter data via a smartphone or tablet and receive a completed report when finished a delivery.


Let external parties fill in real estate forms in advance. Create cases and communicate with each other via the app. 

Keep control of your real estate

Whether you are working as a real estate agent or for the building management department of a large real estate organization, those who work inside this sector  have to deal with a lot of administration. From the delivery of a new house to the inspection of buildings, everything must be registered. You can accelerate these processes by creating digital forms with Incontrol. And you will receive faster delivery reports.

Start digitizing your real estate processes today. In the Template Store of Incontrol you will find standard forms for real estate. This will give you a quick start in our platform.

Incontrol allows you to digitise the following inspections and audits, among others:

  • Safety inspections
  • Key agreements
  • Process Report of Completion
  • Recording meter readings
  • Technical advisory reports

Everything you need to make a digital start

Easy to start

More than 1.000 templates to start with


Build your own forms with the Form Builder

Native apps

Work on smartphone or tablet, online and offline

API linking

Connect with current business systems

High secure

All data stored in a safe place


Colliers International is one of the largest real estate agents in the world. The company has 500 offices worldwide in 69 countries with 12,000 employees. Real estate management involves a lot of administrative work. That is why the Dutch department of Colliers International was looking for a solution to reduce these administrative burdens, so that they can operate more efficiently. They ended up with Incontrol.

Our specialization

Incontrol specializes to improve the quality, safety and compliance processes of your organization.


Check the condition of your buildings with Incontrol. Work efficiently with others to maintain the quality of your buildings.


Have maintenance staff do a safety check in advance with Incontrol, so you always can keep an eye on the safety of others.


Do you have specific requirements for your organization? Inspect with Incontrol whether everyone is sticking to the agreements.

Daily users
Finished forms
Cases solved


Incontrol is a platform on which users can collaborate by sharing tasks. As a result, points for improvement arising from an audit or inspection are immediately taken up by the responsible person. Increase the synergy of your team with the use of Incontrol.

Property manager

With Incontrol you can easily, quickly and safely record homes, offices and other objects. Save time by registering everything and digital sign records.

(Rental) broker

Brokers receive a complete digital report. For example, use Incontrol for a check-in or check-out of a new home.

Building manager

Perform inspections via an app or tablet and record where there are points for improvement. Create cases and assign them to the right parties to solve them in real time.

Technical service

Receive notifications on smartphone or tablet of problems that need to be solved. In the app you communicate with others about the status of the project.

Efficient, simple and fast

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