Installation technology

Transform your installation company into a digital organization. Digitize forms and enter safety inspections, toolbox meetings and work orders within the app.


Digitize forms and streamline the work processes in your organization.


Have employees fill in forms on location on a smartphone or tablet.


Communicate in the platform about improvements that need to be implemented. That way you solve problems together quickly.

Always and everywhere Incontrol

Employees of installation companies often work independently at different locations. Internal communication is then of crucial importance to properly complete the implementation, quality and safety of a project. With Incontrol, employees know which job to take on and they perform quality checks and safety inspections on location. Or check with the app whether you meet all the requirements for a VCA certificate.

Start your digital transformation today. In the template store, forms are ready for a VCA Checklist, LMRA Checklist and Toolbox measurements. That way you can get started right away with your first safety inspection.

Incontrol allows you to digitise the following inspections and audits, among others:

  • Safety inspections
  • VCA Checklist
  • LMRA Checklist
  • Toolbox measurement
  • Quality inspections

Everything you need to digitize immediately

Easy to start

More than 1.000 templates to start with


Build your own forms with the Form Builder

Native apps

Work on smartphone or tablet, online and offline

API linking

Connect with current business systems

High secure

All data stored in a safe place

Highlighted customer case

Lomans Totaalinstallateur designs, builds, installs and maintains installations for all types of buildings. In order to make the entire inspection process faster, more efficient and without waste, Peeke Hilhorst, process enhancer at Lomans, was looking for a digital solution.

Our specialization

Incontrol specializes to improve the quality, safety and compliance processes of your organization.


Perform quality checks of products or services with Incontrol. Discover in time where adjustments must be made to guarantee quality.


Reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace. Digitize with Incontrol safety inspections or have employees complete a checklist prior to an assignment.


Check whether everyone complies with your own rules, or with rules that have been imposed by governments and standards bodies.

Daily users
Finished forms
Cases solved


Incontrol is a platform on which users can collaborate by sharing tasks. As a result, points for improvement arising from an audit or inspection are immediately taken up by the responsible person. Increase the synergy of your team with the use of Incontrol.


Get a good overview of what is going on within your organization based on graphs, analyzes and geographical data. That way you can streamline and implement improvements.


Build digital forms easily and conveniently. Create user groups, so that everyone gets the right form that needs to be filled out.

Project Manager

Receive information that is complete and well-arranged. All collected data and data are processed in a digital report with a digital signature. Send this directly to the customer.


Receive notifications of work orders, security checks and other forms on your smartphone or tablet. Fill it in on location, so you shorten the time you spend on administration and you can focus on the job.

Efficient, simple and fast

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