Food industry

Employed in the food industry? Digitize forms and improve the quality, safety and compliance of your organization.


Digitize forms and transform into a digital driven organization.


Perform inspections with a tablet or smartphone and get real-time insight into your processes.


Have a responsible person implement improvements where necessary. This way you solve problems together in one platform.

The manufacturing industry is transforming

The food industry is transforming into a Smart Industry. This means that processes are digitized because you want to gain insight into the quality of your products, the safety of your employees and the compliance of your organizations. With Incontrol you can perform 5S audits and HACCP checks digitally with the app.

Start your digital transformation today. We have already prepared a 5S audit and HACCP check in the platform, so you can start immediately with your first digital inspection.

Incontrol allows you to digitise the following inspections and audits, among others:

  • 5S audit
  • ISO 9001:2008 Checklist
  • Safety inspections
  • Checklist incoming and outgoing goods

Everything you need to digitize immediately

Easy to start

More than 1.000 templates to start with


Build your own forms with the Form Builder

Native apps

Work on smartphone or tablet, online and offline

API linking

Connect with current business systems

High secure

All data stored in a safe place

Highlighted customer case

Pally Biscuits excels at producing sweet biscuits. Billions of biscuits are baked in the Pally Biscuits factory every year and eaten all over the world. Many audits and inspections are carried out in the factory, which have now been digitised using Incontrol.

Our specialization

Incontrol is specialized to improve the processes in the field of quality, safety and compliance of your organization.


You want to deliver the best quality. Perform quality checks with Incontrol, so that the best products can be delivered daily.


Safety is always number one. That is why you conduct safety audits. With Incontrol you can prevent things from going wrong.


Check with Incontrol whether you comply with your own agreements or with rules imposed by governments and standards institutions.

Cases solved
Daily users
Finished forms


Incontrol is a platform where users can collaborate by assigning tasks. As a result, points for improvement that emerge from an audit or inspection are immediately taken up by the person responsible. Increase the synergy of your team with the use of Incontrol.

Plant manager

Get real-time insights into all quality, safety and compliance of your organization and make analyzes with Business Intelligence.

Quality controller

Increase the efficiency and quality of factory inspections and audits.

IT specialist

Digitize factory processes to make the transition to a Smart Industry


Easily perform digital inspections or checks with tablet or smartphone. Work productively thanks to the mobile functionalities.

Efficient, simple and fast

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